Packing instructions

Make sure the size of your package is proportional to the content in order to avoid any damage and additional charges.
Make sure that the package you use ensures its integrity.
Use special materials to avoid vibration and moving of the contents of your shipment. Fragile items need to be placed in the middle of the pack and not to come in contact with the sides.
Labels Attention and Fragile serve only information purpose.
Use packing tape to seal up your mission. Remember that all shipments can be opened for inspection by the authorities, for this reason do not place too much tape around the package.
Make sure liquids are in containers that do not leak and are sealed in a plastic bag.
Wrap small species with paper.
We mention that the GRCS courier is not responsible for the improper packing of your parcel. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the packing is suitable for the performance of its mission.