Shipping in Athens with same day delivery.
Within hours your parcels at the recipient quick and responsibly.

Shipping in Athens with delivery the next working day.
Delivery order on the next day from morning to afternoon without extra charges.

Consignments all over Greece with delivery the next working day.
We deliver everywhere with a command delivery the next day from morning to afternoon at no extra charge.

Shipping envelopes and parcels abroad.
Services to and from abroad for sending envelopes or packages and special rates for massive missions.

For massive shipments delivered the next business day.
Massive shipments of document, packages mandate the next day delivery.

Shipping on delivery of cash or checks.
The money we collect on your behalf are delivered the next business day to your bank account without any delay.

Urgent consignments within two hours delivery.
In less than two hours your consignments will be delivered at the recipient, we will move as quickly as possible on your behalf.

Consignments with receipt protocol confirmation, documents, notices, competitions.
Always with confidentiality and consistency we can take over your submission of documents to organizations, banks or protocol receipt documents, are delivered with speed and consistency with the possibility of predetermined time.

Shipping ordered receipt and Saturday delivery.
Possibility of receipt or delivery Saturday, ordinary missions and cash on delivery.

Proceeds of cash or checks.
The enforcement service operates with guaranteed time performance of your money, yield the following business day which ensures our consistency.

Purchase products on your behalf.
Ability to purchase products from the store of your choice by our partner.

Consignments with delivery command at afternoon.
They can be delivered in the afternoon without any extra charge.

Consignments on designated appointment.
You can simple close the appointment with your client, and our partner will be there at the desirable time.

Return documents.
Return documents from agencies or banks after your command.

Processing operations in public services.
Protocol receipts, submission of documents to organizations, banks, issuing of documents with speed and consistency in predetermined time.

Consignments even at public holidays all over Greece.
Possibility of receipt or delivery in all official holidays.

You are informed with an e-mail or message for your delivery.
Call back services and direct telephone briefing for the delivery of your shipment.